The Llamazares cave, also known as Cave Coribos, is one of the last natural treasures to discover.

Rainwater clouds downloaded to the south of the Cantabrian side and that sooner or later end up in the bed of the mythical river Curueño created after thousands of years of relentless work, an impressive succession of galleries and caverns in which proliferate impossible karst formations and which stand out for their abundance and showmanship, the staghorn formations, authentic very unusual rarities in other karstic caves.

In the bowels of this mountain, north of the village of Llamazares for a nice trail, that over 1 kilometer ascends to the entrance of the cave but not before giving us spectacular views of the valley that descends towards Lugueros and overlooking accessed easily the recommended hayedo Llamazares linking with the neighboring village of Redilluera or silhouette cuts the peak Bodón, watchtower of the valley with its 1,959 m.

Llamazares Cave is 1,475 m. above sea level, and topographically it shaped “H”. The tour visits enabled, juts 700 m. in the heart of the mountain and every step you will surprise us with strange shapes carved by nature.

Visits to the cave are guided by a monitor that tells the history of the cave and reveals the little secrets it holds. Simple language for the uninitiated formation processes galleries, stalactites, coladas and other formations in the visits are explained.

The underground tour, along with the atmosphere created by lighting, resulting in a unique sensory experience for discovering, in every corner, huge stalactites hanging from the ceiling or staghorn formations lining the walls of the galleries.